Friday, December 18, 2009

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 Lean on me...

If there is one thing I could change about myself, it would be my reservations about...(oopss!), err..I think its going to be about my willingness to...hmm, no, not that one either. It has to be my self-consciousness about.....err. Ah nvm, I have a lot more than just one, damn!.

But one day Im just going to quit being a transit point for people in transit. I just aint that. I dont know what makes them think Im their solace or relief but they just keep coming, and then going and then coming again?. But then again, isnt that what being frens is all about. A fren in need...? But when u r stuck in the middle between 2 frens, where do u go? You cant cant ignore...and for sure you cant hide.

But as long as they know, that in the end they still have to make their own, they can lean on me. No problem.

Hey, u ladies read about that kahwin misyar thing..? Marrying a woman without having to be responsible for them (save for sex)...??? Is it my eyes or my brain..?

They even get one Sheikh Al-Azhar to confirm that it is legal. What is going on?? Dont they have sisters, daughters? I think there are turning this into one pathetic joke, really. And I cant figure out where the hell they are going with this..? Im clueless.

U ladies should stand up..

Release date: 23 February, 1996

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