Friday, December 18, 2009

Sunday, July 16, 2006 As is...for now

Sometimes I think some people are right when they say that I'm weird, ...not as in creepy weird but weird...just weird. Weird because I have ladies around me, in numbers, but none as lover..(ehem! I would like to think it's by choice).
But I do feel pretty cool u know, to know that some people here (Malacca). ladies especially, actually wasted some of their time talking about me and my small group of angels. They just find it weird..that I have no emotional attachment with any of them ladies. tell u the truth, I want to know what's going on too..LOL!
Truth is, I think I'm good at being friend..but not so a a lover. A relationship to me always come with a warning tag : DANGER - Hurt is imminent. And so I remain at bay. I'm not into hurting anymore, that means I dont want to hurt anybody and I dont want anybody to hurt me. Fair deal eh.. Never get me wrong, I love women but I'm just not made for relationship. I see routine, I see deception, mundane, predictability, then there's heartache, pain...... Of course nothing venture nothing gain, but I have ventured before and I have nothing more to gain. Life is acceptably good, as is, for now.

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